what we do

Decentralized Films creates innovative content that touches every aspect of the entertainment industry. Including feature films, theatre, short films, commercials, music videos and social streams.


We strive to create high quality content that will be viewed in both the big and small screen.
We achieve this by using our involvement in acquisition, development, production and financing in the entertainment industry.


Debuting with the play “Hurlyburly” by David Rabe in North Hollywood, we try to keep the roots of acting alive with our plays, both classic and original. Located in Los Angeles.


We create branded content that is visually appealing to the audience. Our commercials have the storytelling characteristics of a movie, engaging the viewer to want to learn more about the product.

Music Videos

We love storytelling and want to use our resources to help upcoming artist by creating high quality music videos, that represent their songs as they envisioned it.

Social Media

Our goal is to constantly be active with the public, by creating content that we share through our social media platforms on a weekly basis. Short films, vlogs, behind the scenes, interviews, podcasts, instagram/facebook post and much more.


We are a innovative company that is integrating the blockchain technology to become one of the highest performing companies in our industry.

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